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Ponygirl, a type of human animal roleplay, involves one or both partners either acting as, or dressing up like, a pony. A common ponygirl scenario involves the ponygirl getting trained by her Dom.

Ponygirl Collaring

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007


ponygirl bound ponygirl dominated

Putting on the face portion of a ponygirl outfit takes quite a bit of work. First you need to put on the halter, then adding in the blinders on the side. The ponygirl has to remain perfectly still while getting the bit placed in her mouth so that she can be properly reigned.

Next comes the collar, good for a leashed ponygirl, and finally the feather top is added. Most of the time it is only show ponygirls that get topped off with the pretty feather – but they all want to prance with it on. See this ponygirl on show at Ponygirl.com

lovely ponygirl

Ponygirls Whipped

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007


ponygirls outside ponygirls whipped

It might sound like a lot of fun and games to be a pony girl, but these ladies are pushed to the edge of their limits and beyond by cruel ponygirl trainers. Here you can see a row of aspiring ponygirls cuffed to a fence and whipped with a cat of nine tails on their bodies and breasts.

I do not know what they did to incur this type of punishment, but it is rather harsh for beginning ponygirls. To their credit, they accept the punishment with only a few moans and whimpers. See the full training session here.

more ponygirl whipping

Intense Ponygirl Training

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007


pony hoops sexy pony girls

Clip clop clip clop – the sound of the ponygirl’s knee high leather boots is heard throughout the training farm in the morning. These mostly naked ponygirls are driven to the limit of endurance in order to prove their commitment to being real ponygirls.

They also go back to hoop training, as apparently they did not do exactly as they were supposed to. Personally I thought they jumped through the hoops very prettily, but their trainers apparently disagreed. You can see the full training session at Ponygirls.com.

lovely pony girls

Naughty Ponygirl Getting in Outfit

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007


blond ponygirl lovely ponygirl

Say hello to this sweet ponygirl. She is slowly getting into her full ponygirl outfit. There’s a lot of different parts to it, so it’s taking her awhile to get fully set up. Her collar, bit, corset, and nipple rings are major parts of her outfit. Her particular ponygirl outfit doesn’t have things like pants or high heels, so she doesn’t need to worry about that so much.

She does need a little bit of help in lacing up the corset, so she bends over and lets her trainer handle that task before she gets done putting on the rest of the accessories. Being a ponygirl is hard work – see for yourself here!

sexy ponygirl

Hot Ponygirl Getting Looked Over by Her Mistress

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007


pretty ponygirl sexy ponygirl

It’s this show pony girl’s big day – the first time she gets to prance around and show off her training to a crowd. She’s a little bit nervous, so her trainer has to come in and help put the finishing touches on her outfit.

First the leash goes on, slapping against her bare pussy. Then, the bridle and bit are attached, letting her have reins properly attached. Finally, she gets a pretty ponytail buttplug inserted into her ass. She has to keep that in the entire night or she’ll be punished severely. See how she does at Ponygirl.com.

seductive ponygirl

Pretty Ponygirls Jumping Through a Hoop

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007


4473x001 4473x003

It’s time for the pretty ponygirls to get some outdoors training – and through the hoop they must go. For show pony girls, they have to learn how to jump through hoops properly.

This training normally doesn’t take too long for most pony girls – at least when they’re being obedient to their ponygirl trainers. I especially like the set of three ponygirls jumping through the hoop. See the full ponygirl training here.


Pony Girl Outside in Black and White

Friday, September 14th, 2007

pony girl pony girl outside

This black and white set of pony girl training lends an air of mystique to the entire process. This pretty ponygirl is in her full outfit, with a tight girdle circling her mid section, bit and bridle on her face, a feathery mane, and a butt plug pony tail.

She high steps around the sidewalk, leashed, collared, and guided by her mistress who makes sure that her pony girl doesn’t get spooked by parading naked down the sidewalk. Her hips sway as her heels click against the pavement, and she almost trots with glee at showing off her ponygirl training outside. See the full black and white ponygirl set here.

pony girl prancing sexy ponygirl

Pony Girls Getting Collared

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

pony girl walk pony girl high step

This is a very early training session for this batch of ponygirls. They are being trained very thoroughly to be high quality pony girls, first learning the proper way to high step in very high heels.

This part takes some time, but it is very important for the ponygirls to have the perfect posture while they prance. Once they have trained themselves to perfection, they are brought before their mistresses and ceremonially collared. They’re on their way to becoming real ponygirls now! See their training at Pony Girl!

pony girl worship pony girl fetish

Pony Girl Corral

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

ponygirl9 ponygirl10

Look at the corral full of sexy naked pony girls. They’re getting real outdoor training, showing off the skills they have learned under the careful hand of their mistresses. A pony girl high step in heels leads them around in their cart, and the crop didn’t have to be used even once.

These pony girls are almost fully trained, and loving every bit of the ponygirl lifestyle that they have entered. You can see more of these well trained human ponies at Ponygirl.com.


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